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  1. BOMB 2018

  2. BOMB 2018

  3. Merry Christmas from BOMB :)

    Just a bunch of clips i have from November to December
  4. BOMB PoF Videos

    Thank you. I did try to upload the full video of the BO9 with comms but it got corrupted on the process so, probably its gonna be ready for tmr morning, today i dont have time.
  5. BOMB PoF Videos

  6. DB - FA - SOS

    That JINX video its hilarious, i found it funny coz they glid for their fite Anyways somebody say blob fite ? videos of 20vs20 ? 20vs50 ? 8vs8 ? well check my video of the last 2 weeks i been playing ^^ https://youtu.be/6gi7SiKGBcI
  7. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    so i was looking at stuff and found this : https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/wuv/Bug-Lag-while-in-combat-against-Blackgate/first#post6661543 BG apparently FA dudes believe you create some sort of Lag on them if i know BG they will go a pin sniper those who are cry cry
  8. Yaksbend~FortAspenwood~StormbluffIsle

    I sayed " is all good ". Do not matter the PPT game YB will tryhard/spie/2vs1/siege/hit empty bls , the nomral behavior of YB from the last 4-5 years xDD !! At looking at the KDR in all maps, FA has 1.50 in EBG and 1.0 in all the others maps. SBI only has 0.90 in one map and its FABL where they are doin 2vs1 FA :D, the rest of maps are 0.60 or lower for SBI ^^ Even the KDR its showing it, but hey is alll good, conitnue to pretend like nothing happend ^^ is just the normal PPTstress from YB.
  9. Yaksbend~FortAspenwood~StormbluffIsle

    Oh boy heres goes ... so i just open the website and check FABL its 50% SBI and 50% YB. SBIBL its untouched, and YBBL the same, EBG its untouched from SBI/YB, FA side is the only one hit xDD And yet people say is just playing smart, haahahahaah how many ex-YB are in SBI ? ^^ But hey you can continue to pretend 2vs1 isnt happening is all good xDD !!!
  10. Yaksbend~FortAspenwood~StormbluffIsle

    BOO im more that happy top fite in WvW with no assjam around ^^, GvG ? i only GvG on my alt accoun in EU server. I took the decision to do it as individual months ago. So your wasting your time asking for that ^^ but hey i can try to put my alt into a NA GvG team and we can do it like that
  11. Yaksbend~FortAspenwood~StormbluffIsle

    You need to take out [Hate] from that group of shame. Bully and hes buddys allways fite no matter the number in front. Not only me can confirm this you can ask any magummie It is really funny how YB want to talk about split and fite in smaller group, when last nite BOO + AI will smell their butt each other all nite xDD. I wasnt goin to login coz im kind sick but i login just to talk with my guild than i saw this BOO massive blob of 40+, chasing me alone, i wasnt driving. Than i drive at my 25% coz im sick, and BOO start wiping than they or log off or left the map coz after 30 mins of my driving the map was empty of YB Then Bullyfoot and hes Hate buddys show up and we fite and fite for like 45 mins. YB you cannot talk shit when you are the shit server here

    Yeah i knew i should not clear space

    Again the video with DOLO+ TIE last around 5 mins with them hiding behind a house to try to surprise us ^^. The 15 secs that i put on video show that they already started to WP you lose around 6-7 of them that WP already on the corcer, just look the video at the begining and look at the left corner

    @LetoII all what you say could have sense, but only if this mag group do not follow us all the way up to N camp in CDBL. The video with them showing up last around 5 mins coz that mag group who was a mix if DOLO+TIE, come to N camp to assjam our farm on the CD blob, we notice them very fast, and when they see us comming for them they run to save their KDR. The first intention of this group was to fite but once see us runin to them they WP to save their KDR ^^. But hey Magumma is where none of their guilds/players run from a battle, they dont WP they dont run they stay and fite rite ? After they WP, i think DOLO came in full force with Jak driving they die twice and after that DOLO+TIE+KEK assjam us all nite long xDD BEcause alone any of them will lose the fite One could think that Mag will not assjam [Agg] for all the history they have in the game but nope the magumma fear can be smell at miles Agg was gettin assjam all nite long in CDBL too ..