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  1. Btw the servers got down cause we missed our purges so bad they landed on this site sorry team!
  2. We are currently on gandara since gandara will soon be dying out if we dont carry them. Any [SALT] member you see can be asked for an invite since everyone is an acolyte of purging (what u mortals refer to as officer) May the purging cleanse you,
  3. Hello fellow Pver's WvWer's, Today is your lucky day because [SALT] - U Cant Dodge Our Bombs Son, is recruiting active WvW players. As the name suggests nobody can dodge our bombs because simply we never land them. Requirements: Drop Purges Randomly - Hitting a player will result to your kick from the guild. Yolo Leap into all the wells - failing to die with the commander on first push will result in kick Call out bez for dodging fights - Not wanting to gvg in gh with only trailblazer classes will lead to a gkick 150 - Legendary Insights and all legendary armor (ofc) 1k WvW kills No WvW achievements on account so we can farm them Maximum 1 pip per tick Level 100 Fractals Trial Phase Upon your acceptance you will undergo an interview stage with Peachy on a talk of an anime of your choice (minimum 1hour of why you like the anime) She will also teach you how to record in game so nobody can see the skillbar. May the purge be with you all. Sir Almighty Purgebot out. P.S We accept only toxic cunts in the guild