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  1. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    This match up is a yawn fest tbh, RISE xferring down is the only decent thing
  2. Mag - BG - JQ

    +1 can agree
  3. FA-HoD-SOS

    @Hadan You talk to us til we bring up GvG then disappear from Chat all night
  4. GvG leaderboards using ree

    Yes the GvG scene is super healthy ATM
  5. Mag - BG - JQ

    This week BG is on break for Xpac, Next week they stomp T2, Week after they're all in PvE.
  6. DB - HOD - SBI

    Won bronze tourney by tanking :FeelsGoodMan:
  7. September 1, 2017: FA-CD-HoD

    Bruh whoever was commanding for HoD was straight cancer last night that let CD cap SMC. Man still had 20-25 on him and said "Pull back to the hallway we got time to regroup" then 2 seconds later "Oh shit it already capped?"
  8. HOD-CD-TC

    I know TC is lowest pop but what was up with you all just running into us over and over :l
  9. KOTA SF WvW

    Im a fan of your 10 guards wall of reflect bomb
  10. Its tuesday, lets go boys the real fights start now.

    To be fair, It'd be nice to run into a Solo roamer once in a while, but with Mag around its always 3v1, I enjoy the PvX dont get me wrong, it can just get tedious. Bring back thursday fight nights boys?

    If this happens someone warn me, I need to be far away. The clashing from such extreme Autism on each side will be large enough I may contract it.

    Holy shit a CD thread hit 2 pages.

    We had a 10-15 Q on home BL, No queue on EBG last night. Mostly Mag is boring though because you guys seem to think just because you get "Fights" its better. What i've come to see is a lot of Mag seems to think "Fights" means they steam roll people. Dont get me wrong, there are some great players and guilds on Mag, however my general view is that the community wants to steam roll in fights than get something good and challenging these days. Love fighting KEK, VR, PYRO, Etc. They dont Assjam like the T1 guilds. However the community as a whole has degraded a bit in their sense of "Good Fights" I get it, ya'll dont wanna fight BG shittards or the YB humpers, who the fuck does, but your General Pop is quite a bit more annoying to have fun against, which is why there's a ton of animosity as of late for Mag.

    Always boring when Mag tanks; They dont wanna fight T1, but no one under them wants to fight them. (Thats not a compliment, I used to love fighting Mag back in the day)