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    There's a reason why meta exists, why it exists now and why you play it now.
  2. FSP - Gandara - Deso

    oi you dodge me on every class i play too D:
  3. FSP - Gandara - Deso

    Gz on finishing your HOPE, Hoxy!
  4. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    and you still chose to be on such an autistic server, man hidey how far have you fallen bro D:
  5. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    shoutout to hoxy
  6. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    theoretically I'm leading a 30 man guild on vabbi with all the famous players but ye it ain't a proper guild or anything whats yours tho
  7. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    i wasn't the one to go back to fsp's link 2 minutes after relink :D<3
  8. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    you belong to the clown fiesta team fam
  9. FSP-Piken-RS

    i dont rep guilds #puglife #superiority tbh no guilds worth joining, prg vs salt made that clear once again topkek
  10. FSP-Piken-RS

    tbh ye, rs has relevant guilds, fsp doesn't :^)
  11. Gandara - Gunnaabi - BB

    top kek
  12. Gandara - Deso - Kodash

    qF and CIA if they're still around
  13. RoF vs Gandara vs DL

    If it was any other guild I'd understand how you'd think Shino is a degenerated retard but SA is garbage on two feet basically smh
  14. RoF vs Gandara vs DL

    but uhh you dont need to keybind anything in this game :c also naz stop being toxic
  15. as trash as your gameplay :^)