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Found 82 results

  1. FSP forum thread: https://farshiverpeaks.com/index.php?topic=2770.msg20213#msg20213
  2. Balkan Hord [HORD] - je novi Balkanski guild koji ima cilj stvoriti zajednicu dobrih igrača u PvP, WvW, i Pve-u . Tražimo veterane i nove igrače željne izazova , osobno imamo iskustva u sva tri polja , a najviše u WvW i PvP a želimo i raditi organizirane Pve raidove. Ono što tažimo je : -Da imamo svi dobre buildove da ne budemo budale na kojima se svi lootaju -Imamo vlastit Discord koji koristimo za ogranizrane raidove (WvW,PVP,PVE) i za komunikaciju i zajebnciju -I da se naravno svi zabavimo i budemo što bolji jer svi znamo da je Balkan najjači Za sve informacije javite nam se u gejmu : mika.4523 , maro.2571 i brunar.3905
  3. I am back after 1 year break and still catching up. Enjoy!
  4. The Whiteside Ridge [WSR] We are server guild based on WvW that operates mostly during EU primetime. Our current focus it to get good prime time blob for push up server and fights.Although all experience leveles are welcome and encouraged, if you are willing to learn or if you are veteran or pro, you are expected to help. If you are new to the game or class, you are expected to reach out for help and accept construcitve criticism. INTEGRITY- We must do our part to ensure the guild/server stays free from toxic and cancerous behavior. As such, putting down other guilds on our servers and elitist behavior will not be tolerated. RESPECT- Having respect for your guild members and allied server members is important, we accomplish this by assisting them both on and off the battlefield. Respecting our enemies is as just important. Both a win and defeat on the field has lessons to be learned. We are using discord that is requirement.In the interim, just listening is just fine but communication would be much better for all. Representation in WvW we are server guild rep in Open raid witch is 2 days, rest Friday and Sunday prime time. Transfer for WSR is 500 gems we are good server with good wvw core players and really good community, we welcome all join us today !! atm we lack of PPT comamnders. For more Info pleas whisper: mika.4523 , Samlair Steel.2304 , Echo Steel.7849 and Jandra Steel.7069
  5. [DîrT] Raid - Highlights

    Greetings o/. last Monday I livestreamed our [DîrT] Guild-Raid on EU Abaddon's Mouth/Dzagonur for the first time. This is a Highlight-Video including most the fights from the first hour: and here you can see the whole Raid (raw & uncut, whipes and fails included ^^): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/204784224 [DîrT] is a project of a few old veterans, coming together on Dzagonur and teaching their ways to less experienced players, we even got some "Bambis" in our rows :). Therefore our overall performance surely is far from perfect, but we're pretty satisfied with our development so far. We're clearly NOT focused on 15vs15, mostly we raid with around 25-30 ppl and try to break publics. If you want some more information about [DîrT] I'd be happy to speak and answer :). ------------------------ As ppl tend to criticise my personal performance when I stream our Raids, please let me give you some information in advance: - I've never been a member of a WvW-Raid-Guild before - I'm not a "pro" or whatsoever - I'm aware of the most of my bigger flaws in the shown gameplay, which are: generally using staff 2 too less; sometimes not using all of my tomes charges before tome-/weaponswap; using F2 - 3 too much (as it kinda sucks); sometimes blasting my last charge of a mantra when it would be better to wait some secs more to have a second charge and therefore not use tha last charge to have it on cd; and some more ^^. But this is also one part that I like about streaming and recording my gameplay: it allows me to look at my flaws very closely and it gives me great opportunity to get rid of them :D. So please be nice - because first of all I stream and record for your guyses entertainment \o/. Another thing: the attentive viewer will notice that the stability-management of our group sometimes is kinda fishy. I'm stab2 and my stab1 is a bambi. He's still in a early phase of learning his guard and I do my best to iron out his stability-game. But actually, for 2 times I myself stupidly burst my stab into enemy bubbles - so it's not just him ^^. Thanks you for your attention (/Ö.Ö)/ Regards Kroko
  6. Gosou The Deadeye?! vol.2 WvW roaming

  7. 3 Subscriber Special!

    Hey guys! Since I hit 3 subscribers I think its time to make a subscriber special! So here it is! Have fun <3
  8. my feedback and critic on it are in the video description.
  9. [WWF] Pandapocalypse

    Hello Hope you'll enjoy the video ! http://pandapocalypse.shivtr.com/
  10. Ode to Thieves

    Heyho, I'm back with another video! Today I present you my Ode to Thieves. I really dont like Thieves, thats why I made this short Video about kiling them! :-P Have Fun! Deci
  11. Mob Skull [gang] is recruiting! Who are we? Gang is a WvW-Guild in Far Shiverpeaks . We Focus on Raids , having nice fights and keeping a Good Mood while doing it. We have a somewhat familiar atmosphere but are serious at the right moments. What we need? We are looking for dedicated Players that want to have Good Raids, Fun and awesome Fights. You need to play WvW, need to know your class and you need to be able to change your Build according to our Plan. You should be able to record so you can see your own Mistakes. What classes we need? ALL CLASSES How do you apply? Whisper Doc Soviet Beast ingame or mail.
  12. [RISE] vs [RED], [OnS], [OO]

    [RISE] vs [RED]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBg4_GFABvs&t=23s [RISE] vs [OnS]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igtOYBt6KYo&t=3s [RISE] vs [OO]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL7Q9gxns-s&t=53s More to come, enjoy all. Motivate for all pre-pof
  13. Spartan HoT Guard/Rev Gameplay

  14. http://dulfy.net/2017/08/09/gw2-catmander excited to get this later

    Desolation guild [FURY] have orginised a 24 hour raid this Thursday. Make sure to come and join in!
  16. Team [RISE] Never Give Up