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Queen of the Misfits


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Why is it if YB isn't humping siege, they are nuthugging JQ.  Neither of these bitch servers can fight for shit if they aren't humping siege or outnumbering their opponent by 2 or 3 to 1.  JQ and YB actually sit and fight SBI and once the fight is over and all of SBI has died or had to bail, then one of them takes the objective without any fight from the other server and then each server jumps out opposite sides of the objective.  JQ and YB are evidently so mentally inept that they have to guide each other around by the dick.  Those fuckers aren't looking for fair fights or good fights, they are looking to be fucking assholes.  Yes, I'm salty and I'm in a fucking foul mood and I don't give a good goddamn.  It doesn't take balls to do what those pussy bitches are doing.  It takes no skill, or talent other than fucking sucking each other's dicks after you fuck each other up the ass.  JQ and YB are nothing more than fucking shit eating, scumbag cockroaches that would be better off dead as wasting space on this planet and in this game.

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