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Knights of the Ashes [KOTA] is a WvW focused Guild on SF (Sorrow's Furnace) We are focused on gearing all our guys out into full ascended, having good fights, and being successful in what we do. We are a NA primetime guild and sometimes run very late or early in the day, going into other timezones. We are lead by an accomplished T1 Commander. KOTA was founded in summer 2014 and before KOTA was known as [StaR] Special Tactics Assault Recon. You can find both Youtube channels to look at both the old and new styles of our gameplay. We have been playing this game since lauch, trying out various builds and styles and our kota style is one that fits all individuals in KOTA. We work with every guild member to gear out and make sure they are playing the builds right so that they know exactly what they need to be doing, from bunkering, to bombing, to making sure all the guys know exactly how each class build works. We are always accepting more recruits who are willing to learn and adapt to the builds.

You can message an Overseer either in discord or in game. We will get you set up and on the right track to knowing what you need to do to be able to get in the right gear and builds.


Those looking to apply may message in game (Johnayz Ultima)

or apply at our website: http://knights-of-the-ashes.enjin.com/

Join our discord for run times: https://discord.gg/fTbJqr4


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