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GvG leaderboards using ree

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Remember Gvgleaderboards.com, a website that ranked guilds in GvG based off of elo? You probably don't unless you've been around 2013, but in light of PoF being released and the fact that a healthy GvG scene needs some quantitative measurement of performance, I think we, as a community should take the initiative to vitalize and refine the GvG scene (because anet is at best ambivalent towards gvg). I know of a website, Rankade, that offers everything we need to numerically rank guilds. Rankade uses a rating algorithm called ree. It more or less does everything glick or elo does, if not more and you can read up further at the end of the post. The last gvg leaderboard got taken down because the site upkeep was too expensive or was taking too much time (both are very valid reasons), which is why I think Rankade has a lot of potential. Rankade is free, easy to use, and presumably a fair way to rank guilds. At the end of every week, I can update the rankings with new matches, and post them on this website. Perhaps even better we could embed the rankings in the top menu to the right of "browse". 



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