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How Have We Become So Boring?

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Title says it all.


Used to be non-stop shit talk, trolling, bad memes and worse memes.


Now it seems a few people hang out on the Discord with a bunch of lurkers spamming boring shit over and over.


Once upon a time we rattled Anet to the point of action, albeit shitty action, but at least recognition of our chosen game mode. Now we seem to sit and sulk a lot. I read the forums, any posts by old time players are just salt with little real value. We argue among ourselves and fuck all gets done. We shit all over new players trying to talk but just complain endlessly about the same gripes we had years ago. We have become that Old Guy that does nothing but bitch and moan while never actually affecting change.


I love this game mode, really I do, but I have to be honest, in it's current state it is on life support at best, and we, as a community, let it happen. Why? Because we were divisive over the minute details. Trailblazer and Dire, Necro's OP, Roaming, Nerf Zerg, Boonshare.... The list goes on and on.


Perhaps it is time, we as a community of shitty people who all hate everything, should come together and present Anet with some suggestions. We have guys and girls with good voices, Mal, Bloodie, Chaba, Seasniffer, That guy from Mas and come to mind, who could vanguard this for us if we got together and made it happen.


I'm drunk, I'll stop now.



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The old GW2wvw forums before this were filled with trolling as you speak of. My old username on the old GW2wvw forums was Hammer Train Meta. I remember Columbia and the great 2v1 of BlackGate during Season 2. There are many reasons we don't care as much as we used to. The most important one is that we lost years worth of content of history of GW2wvw when the old forums were changed to these forums.

I was permanently banned for trolling over years in game and the reports eventually caught up to me. My old username in game was Ricky.2679. The playerbase is much more casual than back in the old days. Pvp isn't even supported to become an Esport anymore. Even though we all knew that WvW was the true end game and a unique game mode which if given support should have become a new type of Esport.

Apathy over years of neglect with only more rewards given to WvWers basically confirms Arenanet's idea that we're all just Pvers wanting pixels. It's not that we're boring it's just that game companies don't cater to hardcore pvpers anymore. There's more money to be made from casuals who want to make their characters look pretty especially with the introduction of microtransactions.

Guild Wars 1 would of kicked League of Legend's ass if it kept being supported and updated. That game was very well balanced and encouraged teamwork rather than GW2's everyone can do anything builds. The majority of the human race want easy to understand gameplay that the stupid braindead sheep of this world can be entertained by. If a game takes years of practice and theorycrafting to learn and perfect it's just not viable anymore in this dumbed down society.

They brainwash us with advertisements so that we become consumers of the global corporation's products. Banks control our world through the stock exchange making sure any business that wants to make a profit has to bow down to shareholder's demands. We are living in an age of slavery to the rich and it's only going to get worse for our kids if we have any. No privacy or freedom of speech anymore in this world either. I don't have a phone or a Facebook account because I'm anonymous and wish to stay that way.

To bring this back on topic remember that GW1 had 1000 skills, dual class system and healers and they still tried to balance it. GW2 has a fraction of that number and they don't even try. Here's some nostalgia for you old school players: https://gwpvx.gamepedia.com/PvX_wiki

And finally a joke by the Ceo of Arenanet if you needed a laugh about the state of the game's balance after path of fire.


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@Sulla we are boring because there is nothing in the game mode to be proud of any more. Wining a matchup is most often decided by what server your server got linked to. So that doesn't matter. If there is one thing mag has proved it's that kdr is meaningless. The best guilds out there right now run so fat that they would be shamed into disbanding back in the day. Wvw is functionally no different than the old champ farms in orr. Any players that are left that still want to fight just for the fun of fighting have to deal with so much bull shit from guilds that are playing to farm bags. This permeates every version of the game mode too. I can't tell you how many times I come across groups of 4 or 5 roamers in guilds that would rather chase and blob down a solo roamed than fight alone. Even the likes of void and xt are guilty of it. Everyone runs from those that outnumber them and blobs down those they outnumber.

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Still plenty of shit talk, memes and more to be had its just that 99% of it happens on the discord since that's where the majority of us are now and not many care to even look at the forums anymore let alone post. Hell we even have that drunk Packit in there now. @LordGreen @Sulla

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