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[Video + Build + Small Tips/Dicussion] Power Bombing Reaper WvW. POST BALANCE UPDATE

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(Very) BASIC Tips :


Power Reaper received last balance patch a HUGE buff.
Here’s some explanation of the build, using Staff/Greatsword.

This build is really easy to use.


  • The goal is to reach 30% critical chance, then with +20% with Fury & +50% while in Shroud, you are at 100% when entering Shroud.
  • Cast Wells, then enter Shroud to benefit the 100% critical chance
  • Entering Shroud gives you might + access to huge DPS.  This build allows to reach 25 Might easily.
  • While in Shroud, use #3 to gain stability, then #4 to DPS, then spam #1, auto’s is really strong.


  • This build have MASSIVE DPS, and is also tanky : 23k HP, 2500 Armor.
  • You have zerk trinkets and Cavalier Armor.
  • You have Cavalier Staff, to be more tanky, just before casting wells & entering Shroud to DPS, switch to GreatSword to benefit the zerk Stats while bombing.
  • When shroud is gone, you still can DPS with GS if melee, or take range if needed & switch staff again.



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