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Big Cat Cena

Endless Momentum [eM] Recruitment

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Endless Momentum [eM] is a hardcore/competitive GvG/WvW guild located on Kaineng, currently linked with Yak's Bend. Our raid times are Saturday->Thursday 8:30 Est till 11 Est, 5:30 Pst - 8 Pst. We have an sPvp trial and WvW trial that we expect players to pass if they want to join our community and the sPvp trial does not include winning the duel. We actively require people to run guild build, show up 4 days a week, record, and meme. Currently just looking for a few competitive and committed players to completely patch up the guild's weaknesses. We expect you to show up to most GvGs and require early notice if you cannot come. PM YoloSwag.2037 or Soft Cutie Cena in-game for more information o/

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