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Das Krokodil

[DîrT] Guildraid (on Drakkar/Dzagonur) - Some Fights #2 | vs. [Jd] & [III] & PuGs on EB

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Hey boooooooys,

here are some fights from our guildraid yesterday (01/11/2018).

I mostly livestream them on https://www.twitch.tv/krokotasche - where you aswell can watch the whole streams afterwards, if you happen to have missed it live. They're here: https://www.twitch.tv/krokotasche/videos/all

As these recordings are "replay-buffer-recordings" from my replay-buffer while streaming live they're a bit potato-ish looking, but I think you still should be able to get a picture from what we were trying to do there ^^.

Thanks to everyone for the fights - shoutout to [Jd] and [III].

C u guys around :D.




N.S.: "Some Fights" from 10/01/2018:


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