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Do you still Log In daily to play this game mode of WvW?

Yes, must PPT
16% (23 votes)
Yes, must PPK
28% (40 votes)
Only for the GvGs
14% (21 votes)
I'd rather drink Windex
16% (23 votes)
26% (38 votes)
Total votes: 145
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Biggest Breakups 2016

The year is about to end, so lets talk about the hightlights of this years divorces.. 

Mal & Indo
14% (24 votes)
Chani & Crushy
22% (38 votes)
Haru & GvG
13% (22 votes)
FIERCE & #TiffCunt
1% (2 votes)
Rainshadow & Dods
3% (6 votes)
Anet & WvW
39% (67 votes)
Blackgate & Offical Forums #OpenBG
8% (13 votes)
Total votes: 172

Is anyone in NA still interested in GVG/Scrims/Even fights?

Eu are still thriving because they are mainly in tier 1-2 servers.  Is NA finally going to create a new generation of GVGs, or do they still like to linger about the past?  

25% (47 votes)
25% (47 votes)
Yes but only if there are bans on certain things such as Mercy Runes, etc
10% (19 votes)
Maybe if there are confirmed guilds willing to do even fights again.
10% (20 votes)
I'm Eu, NA too cancerous to do anything.
30% (58 votes)
Total votes: 191
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Regardless of who wins today, tomorrow is going to look very different for our friends in the U eSs of Eh. The whole world is watching and holding its breath.

I will
0% (0 votes)
On it
0% (0 votes)
Going right now
2% (1 vote)
Going after work
2% (1 vote)
Already voted
14% (8 votes)
I'm not American
83% (49 votes)
Total votes: 59
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To which open server will you transfer in the coming days ?

Every servers are now open for tranfer : get your GEMS today and jump server ! Which one will you chose next ?

Big Black Gate FTW
10% (9 votes)
Bad Quarry 101
2% (2 votes)
Baguma TT
10% (9 votes)
Fort Asperger XD
1% (1 vote)
Yak Burger TM
1% (1 vote)
Garnished Toast RP
5% (4 votes)
BlormStuff Icelanders ^^
3% (3 votes)
Sea of Morrons ôO
5% (4 votes)
Northern Shitterspeaks :)
0% (0 votes)
None : I am too poor to afford transfer OR I prefer to play on a small scale SLAVE server (let me be your bitch I love it)
11% (10 votes)
GG Anet Make WvW Great Again !!! I am already on the right server. Others are shit. Fuck you all suckers...
51% (44 votes)
Total votes: 87
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Of YB and FA, which is the greater server?

Time to settle this once and for all!

FA is greatest
31% (38 votes)
YB is greatest
16% (20 votes)
I'm just EU and just wnana see the results.
53% (66 votes)
Total votes: 124
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Class Variations

How many of the classes beyond the core 5 will be viable after the meta change? (Warrior, Guard, Rev, Ele, Nec). 

13% (18 votes)
14% (19 votes)
17% (23 votes)
All Four.
19% (26 votes)
None of Them.
38% (52 votes)
Total votes: 138

How bad is Cake Walk[Cake]

They are Gods
34% (96 votes)
They are rlly good
15% (44 votes)
They are good
6% (16 votes)
They are trash
7% (20 votes)
They are rlly bad
2% (7 votes)
Who is Cake Walk?
25% (72 votes)
[Zen] is the new shit in EU roaming
11% (30 votes)
Total votes: 285

How bad is aX these days ?

aX? who are those retards
30% (43 votes)
kek not even worth a answer
17% (24 votes)
crius leading, cant get worse
20% (28 votes)
have they ever been good?!
33% (46 votes)
Total votes: 141
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How to fix Cannons ?

Cannons Beta is out but it could get much better, how ? 

By Making them mobile siege like golems
6% (5 votes)
By Allowing Grandmaster Cannons recipe at mystic forge. T2 Cannons would be BIGGER
4% (3 votes)
By Allowing cannons to deal significant damages to walls and gates, making it more flexible for offensive
2% (2 votes)
By Voting 75% yes at the poll just because pirate ship meta with cannons is OP and fun
19% (16 votes)
By Making WvW Great Again and recruit Trump for the wvw dev team
27% (23 votes)
Don't count on my vote, I am busy celebrating halloween on 4chan
13% (11 votes)
Fuck the world, I am a Panda !
14% (12 votes)
All of the above (Except for Trump as Dev I would prefer Hillary)
14% (12 votes)
Total votes: 84