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  • Sun, 2017-01-01 19:32 - This won't work because all

    This won't work because all the roaming/small scale guilds suck dick and would rather fight pugs and feel good about themselves than fight good players. They are all so used to fighting the average WvWer and form the illusion that they're good until we fight them.Since Mada formed only 2 guilds have had the balls to fight us, and of those 2 guilds only one didn't set guidelines for us to make it easier for them. 



  • Wed, 2016-11-16 10:51 - LOL this retard posted a vid

    LOL this retard posted a vid of beating BOMB like thats some sort of accomplishment. 

    And that vid is why you will always stay shit tier. Nice back pedal driving while spamming gs one. One would think even an idiot would learn to play guard after driving on it for 3 years but the autism with this one is real.




  • Wed, 2016-11-16 00:18 - There's a reason he put BOMB

    There's a reason he put BOMB and not MM noodica.

    I'm here for you if you need help counting the score for that one buddy.

  • Mon, 2016-11-14 11:47 - Opened vid, watched the

    Opened vid, watched the guardian use both his dodge rolls before even engaging anything, then go through a whole round without using his most op skill(f1) because bad, then closed vid.

  • Sun, 2016-11-13 18:20 - Mada will 5v5 anyone, we're

    Mada will 5v5 anyone, we're down most days. Hit up MissMajor.8290 or oEnvy.3064

  • Fri, 2016-10-07 00:24 - truu


  • Mon, 2016-09-19 02:29 - Wow, I just laughed so hard

    Wow, I just laughed so hard IRL. Of all people to talk about individual skill, its none other than Pensiiv. A necro who has been GvGing for over 3 years and has only been below average at BEST individually. Thats the problem with the whole xD/KEK circlejerk, a roster made out of players who have never been able to achieve anything because they can't take a loss and improve. But hey, its okay because as long as you can circlejerk together and make great memes it'll make you forget the fact that none of you are individually skilled players. You guys lost to GS as xD and decided to complain about the meta and mock how easy it is instead of adjusting and maybe even winning for once.

    The GvG scene has always been made up of 2 kinds of guilds. The ones that keep adjusting and improving, and the ones that cry about the meta and call it a dead scene. Sadly xD/Kek is the epitome of the latter. Top GvG guilds in the past were at the top because they could adjust. People called NS hammer train aids, syn venomshare aids, agg pirateship aids,1 shot mantra mesmer aids, and now gs boonshare aids. There's always going to be something meta just like in PvP, whether its dps,range,condis, or bunkers so learn to adjust and maybe for once the xD/Kek circlejerk can make a meme about winning something. 

    Unlike xD/Kek, TDS stepped up and came up with a good comp and learned to play it. They outplayed us and they won. We could've pulled an xD and reformed under another name and called them "res bot mercy aids" but we actually enjoy winning so we theorycraft and practice until we win. That's something you should learn to do. As for pensiiv, try playing another class, ive seen people pick up necro in 15mins and play better than you. If only your necro skills were as good as your memeing skills :/

    GG TDS

    /rant over


  • Fri, 2016-09-09 17:30 - tds v rise official confirmed

    tds v rise official confirmed?

  • Sat, 2016-07-02 12:08 - Aldix wrote:

    Aldix wrote:


    Berry wrote:



    crunchybl4ck wrote:


    im the guy thats better at the game that u tryhard at all day nigga just ask subtle



    I can attest to this as the #1 punter NA.



    Scrim my team fags. Naru and scott maybe?


  • Thu, 2016-04-28 17:12 - Carpal wrote:

    Carpal wrote:


    Hokemon wrote:


    Carpal does have a point, GS has lost to GOF, which is embarrassing in itself.



    Meh Haru is a friend and know GS is a really good guild. When they had rounds taken they had a lot of fresh meat on trial, and their performance was completely out of character, an anomaly.. I don't know who this Naru guy is but I'm not the type to sit back when people talk shit. Maybe you should follow me next time I command Naru, I'm all about open field private raids, no AJ. 

    Dude, we don't need you to make excuses for us, because unlike OnS we own upto every round we lose. 

    And, thanks but no thanks. I don't follow random pugmanders who probably siege hump and outnumber other groups. I like to be in the minority wiping the majority.


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BOON looking for 10v10 and 15v15 GvGs.

We are also raiding obsidian sanctum all week.

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Isle of Jackasses / HoDor / Yaks Bags s2w9


BOON looking for 5v5,10v10,15v15 GvGs this week contact Notorious Gwardian or Who Is Yo Dadddyy

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Isle of Jizqueers / Stormblob Isle / Clitoral Desert


Not looking forward to seeing you guys out there.

Also BOON is looking for 10v10 GvG's this week. Whisper Notorious Gwardian or Who Is Yo Dadddyy