[KEK] vs [BORP]

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Mostly rev and some necro footage.

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Oh, cool GS reformed! Just waiting on Haru to get out of jail now Biggrin

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Fun to watch. Good to see BoRP still going strong. Keep it up o7

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Good rounds, wp KEK


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gameplay like this makes rev look so fun, then i play it and go full retard lmao. guess ill stick to ezmode war



Deadskunning wrote:

But we have Packit speaking about grub busting every hour in team chat

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> updates metabattle
> gets shit on

seems about right

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Glad to see KEK progessing so much. Sad to see your taste of music in T8 Blum 3

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Really great rounds, its fun to have this competition in na, hopefully some other guilds will also keep improving like kek did and start performing this well, looking forward to fighting you guys again.

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Thats the problem with the whole xD/KEK circlejerk, a roster made out of players who have never been able to achieve anything because they can't take a loss and improve. But hey, its okay because as long as you can circlejerk together and make great memes it'll make you forget the fact that none of you are individually skilled players. The GvG scene has always been made up of 2 kinds of guilds. The ones that keep adjusting and improving, and the ones that cry about the meta and call it a dead scene. Sadly xD/Kek is the epitome of the latter.

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Welcome to the forums!  The GvG scene has always been made up of two types of players.  The ones that have the balls to say something on their main account like Naru, and then shitkid anons such as yourself.


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It's okay you don't want to recognize your retardation. I'm here to help. 


n psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefsideas, or values at the same time; performs an action that is contradictory to their beliefs, ideas, or values; or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas or values.

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Thanks friend, appreciate you doing all of this research and taking such a vested interest in KEK.  I reserve the right to change my opinion on anything as time passes and / or new information comes to light.  

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